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Chump Change
I think I've mentioned it last year, but they're talking about it again!

Feeling held down by a debt ceiling? Then -
mint some coins worth 10 to the 10.
Yes, that's a one trillion dollar coin. Proposed, not actual, to be perfectly factual.
There are limits on how much paper money the U.S. can circulate and rules that govern coinage on gold, silver, and copper. BUT, the Treasury has broad discretion on coins made from platinum. The theory goes that the U.S. Mint would create a handful of trillion dollar (or more) platinum coins. The President would then order the coins deposited at the Fed, who would then put the coin (s) in the Treasury who now can pay all their bills and a default is removed from the equation.

Those are for dimwits!

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But whom do we owe a trillion too? How do we make change?

Good questions. I suspect this is one of those "solutions" that lead to bigger problems.

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