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Come Quick
Somewhere in Texas...
"I'm out in the country somewhere," Moore told the 911 operator during the 10-minute call. "Some guy's got a gun on me."
You might wonder why some guy had a gun on him. Well... because the guy had caught him engaged in a burglary. The guy's wife also called 911, saying:
"You better come quick," she said, "or my husband's going to shoot him."
It's getting tough to be a thief.
You might have to call the cops for relief.

Sometimes I think that's every Texan gun owner's dream -- to be able
to catch an intruder and be able to defend their home with their
firearm. :-) (no, defense does not require shooting anyone)

A deed you get to brag about for the rest of your life!

Now, I wish someone had caught whoever it was that stole a copper downspout from my house last night... it's the dark side of recycling.

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