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Biden's Doggone Purchase
Vice President Biden adopted a dog recently - from a breeder - and somehow this was turned into a scandal.

Some loud-mouths claimed to be upset that he bought from a breeder - rather than paying "fees" to "adopt" from a dog orphanage.
[An obnoxious organization] seized the moment as an opportunity to blame the killing of shelter animals on people who buy from breeders. The organization's TV commercial, "Buy One, Get One Killed" ran in Delaware after the Biden puppy story made headlines.
These publicity hounds
should be placed in pounds.

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I may have some sympathy for Biden here, although I'm generally in favor of adopting shelter dogs. When I first got my cats in Massachusetts, I ended up going to a breeder because no shelter would give me an animal. Really. I had a job, an apartment that accepted cats, and plenty of experience with animals. One shelter asked me for "references from someone prominent in my community." Who, the Mayor? Another wouldn't let me have a cat because I'd owned only dogs. Because cats are so much more time-intensive than dogs? You'd think, "Oh, it's the vice president! Of course they'll give him a shelter dog! Great publicity!" But I can just see some pet shelter Nazi saying, "Now, Mr. Biden. You'll be walking the dog every day, right? Not one of your aides? It's very important that dogs bond with their owners. And of course you'll be staying home with the dog all day, because dogs need plenty of attention and play."

I should note that this mostly seems like a problem on the East Coast. My family never had any trouble getting shelter dogs in the Midwest.

Of our current 4 animals, 2 are from shelters, 1 is from a pet store, and 1 was from some folks on a farm who had bred their female lab.

We have some shelter nazis in the Chicago area, but it seems to depend on the shelter. Some of the shelters here are fine.

"shelter nazis"

Oh we seem to get nazis for every lifestyle choice these days!

Proper lifestyle choices must be enforced, or at least nudged earnestly.

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