Rhyme of the Day

Various meanderings with a rhyme in there somewhere.

Cherry Punch Flavor, If It Matters
I did a long run in the heat yesterday, and decided to try something new afterwards, something I'd read about other people doing to replenish what they had sweated a way.

Instead of Gatorade,
I chugged some Pedialyte.
Not sure what difference it made,
but I guess I'm feeling all right.

Autocorrect is the great Leveler of Orthography. Those who cannot spell, are fortuitously repaired. Those who can, are gratuitously impaired.

Autocorrect has thoroughly wrecked my ability to show off how well I can spell!

I need to compete in a spelling bee
So the whole wide world can see
My skill at lexicography!

Hard To Believe
In days of yore,
when Marlowe swore,
and Shakespeare shook his pen,
they wrote all day,
sans MFA,
which wasn't available then.

Rhyme Schemes
I don't mean to sound like a snob,
but the poetic licensing board is just not doing the job.

Poetry needs more barriers to entry!
I think I'll dig a moat and post a sentry!

Uber Economy Fears
Just recently you hear people complaining that everyone is being forced to work on a free lance basis, as if everyone will soon be an Uber driver, but the numbers apparently don't bear out this new worry:

'In the future, new technology and businesses may herald a different world for workers. But for now, the "gig economy" and a "nation of freelancers" remains a phenomenon on the margins of the labor market.'

The labor force of gig
really isn't that big.

O'Brien & O'Brian Cast for NYCFringe
The cast of my show.
One month to go.

"The net is insane. Keep it out of your brain." - Mark Twain

A quote from a meme, from "Abraham Lincoln", clear in its thinking, pithy and wise, and perfectly timely in theme, is probably some other guy's.

Actors for O'Brien & O'Brian at FringeNYC
Bianca Vitale will play Darlene O'Brien.

Jacob Corbett will play Alan O'Brian.

One of the most important factors
in any production is... fabulous actors!

I've been learning new graphics programs, just to create ads and postcards for my play's festival run in NYC in August. Recently I did things in Wimp and Inkscape. For some reason I like Inkscape better. Both are free.

Thanks to Inkscape,
I think I'm in good shape.


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