Rhyme of the Day

Various meanderings with a rhyme in there somewhere.

Chicago Gangs on Facebook
Felonious bands
enhancing their brands:

"They aren't using the Internet as much to recruit members or to organize illegal activities as to mostly post or watch often violent videos intended to tout their gang or an individual member, the study found."

Facebook is the most popular site according to this Chicago Tribune article.

Now, on the face of it (ahem), it's not a good idea to post videos of your own felonious activities online, where they can be scooped up by the police and used to convict you. But, then again, these are not people given to caution.

In the future, all life will take place on the net.
For police, that may be the best news yet!

We Opened
We opened in NYC. I sat in the back, the better to gauge the audience's attention. They were quiet when they weren't laughing. Quiet is good! It means they want to know what happens next.

So much for our opening show.
Only four to go.

High Comedy
When a giraffe
Begins to laugh
Does it start in his head
Or his belly instead?

After 2 Nights in New York
Glad to be in my own bed,
My pillow under my head.

At Midday

Tech rehearsal at Fringe NYC,
Which looked good to me.

Change of Plan
I've decided to change my flight.
Due to a flash flood warning,
I'm flying into New York tonight
instead of tomorrow morning.

AKA Bishop's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace, also known as Wild Carrot.
Took a pic and thought I'd share it.

Theater side note: when my play, Wild Flowers, started, we used some fake yellow flowers as the wildflowers that make an appearance in the show. But by the end of the run, the actors had switched to picking some of these fresh for each performance.

Biking a New Trail
Flowers on the CalSag trail.
I gather they're not for sale.

Pigs Cleaning Apples
By careful experiment it has been seen,
that boars prefer their apples clean!

Well, they claim to have observed this in some wild European boars:

"Here, all adult pigs and some juveniles of a newly formed group carried apple halves soiled with sand to the edge of a creek running through their enclosure where they put the fruits in the water and pushed them to and fro with their snouts before eating. Clean apple halves were never washed."

Why would you bother to clean
something already pristine?

Fire Sprinklers
When they first came out they were all ugly. Nowadays, they cleverly don't come out until they're needed - when there's a fire - when you are guaranteed to not care about their looks:

See? You order one like this, and you set it up in a dropped office ceiling, and from below it looks like this:

Such a lovely shiny cover
for a spray-and-soak device.
It doubles as a mirror -
with no increase in price!


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