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Rhyme of the Day

Various meanderings with a rhyme in there somewhere.

Assuming for now that the local police have cracked the Smollet case, I want to say that it was an excellent hoax in one respect: it got a lot of people emotionally involved in the drama, infused with righteousness and ready to condemn their opponents who would dare to doubt the veracity of the victim. It was one of these unlikely “wedge” dramas that casts one set of citizens as heroic and the other set as villainous. It pretended to present the MAGA tribe as just what their opponents always suspected they truly were.

They felt so sure
But they weren’t.
Now they endure
Being burnt.

If in fact he faked this crime
He could start by paying for the detectives’ overtime.
There’s enough bad stuff that happens in this city.
No need to make it up - it’s just a pity.

More of the Same
Rain and snow and rain,
Covering every lane
With a slippery layer of ice.
Not nice, Mother Nature, not nice!

The Maga-country story seems to be coming apart. I guess the coming days will tell. There were always public details that were head-scratchers, beginning with the fact that downtown Chicago is not Maga-country.

I'm interested in the people who are now writing things like "I wanted this story to be true".

Did they want it to be true
To validate their point of view?

Hero’s Lot
MacBeth was wrong to take his wife’s suggestions,
Othello fell for his lieutenant’s tricks,
Young Hamlet seemed to asked too many questions,
And that’s what got these fellows in a fix.
Henry the Fifth, however, did just fine,
Despite a youth of foolishness and play,
Despite consuming tankards full of wine.
If there’s a moral here, I cannot say.
In Tragedy the playwright plops you down
Into a plot you’re not prepared to handle.
He gives you virtues, wealth, and fair renown,
But never quite enough. Out goes your candle.
Your odds are better, really it’s no mystery,
If you are made the hero of a History.

V Day
Take time off from daily strife
And focus on what you love in your life.

Frankly I’m enraptured
Mitochondria got captured
By some old ancestral cell.
They’re my favorite organelle!

Most people claim that cats have fur.
From what I’ve seen, I must concur.
But I’ve heard there’s one that’s hairless.
In this weather, that sounds careless.

Slip Sliding
It's shiny but really it only looks nice.
Freezing rain coats the world in ice.

Thessalonians 3:10
If you're unwilling to work,
It's often hard to find pay.
How can we help those who shirk?
Surely there must be a way!