Drizzly AM

Wet asphalt under cloudy skies
Reflecting the glowing yellow-white eyes
Of cars responsibly creeping
To work when they’d rather be sleeping.


A scene is something that's seen.
So, based upon what they mean,
I thought they were related -
But they're not, and I'm feeling deflated!


Jupiter’s line of moons,
Saturn’s shining ring,
Luna’s dusty craters -
These are spectacular things,
All brought here tonight
To my own wondering eyes
By a simple telescope
Of ordinary size -
A trick arrangement of glass
To spread mere spots of light
Into expanded images
Suiting human sight.

Germanic vs. Latinate

If you ever happen to say:
"I took a rest for the rest of the day."
Those two versions of rest are not the same word -
Etymologically speaking. At least so I've heard.


I’m giving out a holler
To a Hollerith named Herman.
He was American but
His ancestry was German.
Those old computer punch cards
You may have heard about,
Were based on Hollerith’s coding scheme,
So he deserves a shout!

Two Words, One Spelling

Mental sheep, when you use them to slumber,
All get assigned a particular number.
Dental work, when it’s not a big bummer
Involves some injections to make your mouth number.
In one of these words, the B makes a sound,
In the other, it’s quiet, and just hangs around.