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Rhyme of the Day

Various meanderings with a rhyme in there somewhere.

Passed Over
Oh sure, you may laugh,
But I was hoping to be the chief of staff!

Something must’ve gone wrong
With the Lyft driver’s locator.
I waited and waited too long.
Now I’m catching a train much later.

I'm puzzled. I seem to have been selected in the drawing for the Chicago Marathon 2019. That's not puzzling, since the odds are about 53 to 47. What's puzzling is that they were supposed to notify me, and they have my email address in their system, but the did NOT notify me. I had to log into my participant account, where I could see that I was listed as "selected".

Very understated. And I had to go ask for it. Where's my hyped up, "Welcome runner!" email?

Maybe my electronic welcome got lost in the space-time vortex somewhere. I realize they have many to send out.

On a completely different topic, I gave blood tonight.

There's always a need
For this stuff that we bleed.

In Place of Dew
The grass is embossed
With silver-gray frost.

Pity now the Ancient Greeks
Who didn’t mark their days by weeks
And as a result forgot to take
Their weekend break!

Why do anteaters rarely catch colds?
Is it from drinking hot toddies?
The answer’s so simple, you’ll gasp when you’re told:
They’re just full of antie-bodies!

Why does a duck have feathers?
To cover its butt quack, of course!
If I tell this joke to my wife,
I fear she’ll want a divorce.

Forget that elf on the shelf!
I’m getting a troll in a hole,
So instead of observing myself,
I’ll be mocked by an underground mole.

Some say sleep is overrated
But I think that’s best debated
After a nice long snooze
To illustrate my views.

There's a simplified schema for storytelling, in which there is a single protagonist on a mission.

And there are a lot of great stories like that.

But they don't all have to be that way. Romances, for example, whether comic or tragic, are more often of the "takes two to tango" structure. This does not prevent them from having a very strong, rather archetypal, story structure.

The hero with a thousand faces
Entangles with a heroine with superior social graces
And then it takes while
For things to reconcile.