In A Past Life

In a past life, I had some other job.
Not a computer programmer, that's for sure.
I doubt I was the leader of a mob.
I'd hate to think I was a stuck-up snob!
But fortunately my past lives are obscure,
Wonderfully lost somewhere in the mists of history,
Without hypnosis, doomed to remain a mystery,
And that's a good thing - it means I cannot regret -
I cannot recall, and analyze, and fret
Over what I did wrong through all those lives.
Perhaps I was a sharpener of knives,
That would have appealed to my conscientious side,
Putting a glistening edge on tools gone dull,
Singing while working, keeping my own heart full,
Making up words for tunes the world supplied.

Folk vs Faux Etymology

The neighing of horses stabled nearby
Use to bore people senseless - so much they would cry.
This I have always understood
Is the source of our modem day term: “neigh-bore-hood”.

Today's Adventure

Got car stuck in snow,
Called up Triple-A tow.
But dug it out myself
And canceled the call for help.
Be careful when you sally
Forth in a snowy alley!

They told me they'd get to me in about 16 hours. I'm sure they're backed up with calls like this. But I didn't want to leave my car in the middle of an alley that long!


He battled widespread age discrimination
And became the oldest leader of our nation -
I believe that's cause for celebration!
At least it helps me overcome my fear
That it's too late for me to start a career
In politics - I might just run next year!