Rhyme of the Day

Various meanderings with a rhyme in there somewhere.

Beware of Demotivation
Occasionally I’ve seen it turn out
That over-exercise leads to burn out.

I know that Spring is coming,
And it will come to stay,
But due to Local Cooling,
That may not be till May.

Not Sure If This Came Up In Plato's Republic
If rule by one person
Is a monarchy,
Is rule by one swindler
A conarchy?

Fresh Blood
I’m voting for Zuckerberg
For the U.S. Senate.
At least one techie nerd
Ought to be in it.
But don’t get too perturbed.
He’ll never win it.

They Say
They say that poets are crazy
And often off their meds.
They say that poets are lazy
And ought to be working instead.

Such poets sit around thinking
Of making words sound right,
Without an apparent inkling
That surely it’s impolite

To rearrange a sentence
Until it beats like a drum.
You might think I’m due for repentance,
But that day never will come.

For the words in my head
Insist that I write
Till my fingers turn numb.

The Third Symphony As It Happens
So restful to be in an airport
Playing Beethoven, not CNN.
I am a news junkie, of course,
But they air the same story again and again.

In Boston
After a snowstorm gets out of hand
Broken branches litter the land.

Roles by Rote
Some lucky actors are blessed
And find their lines just “stick”.
The rest of us get stressed
And chant them till we’re sick.

Home Opener
"Snow, rain and cold temperatures couldn’t deter White Sox fans from attending the team’s home opener against the Tigers Thursday afternoon."

Chicago in the Spring...
That can mean anything.

If you want to keep a secret,
Don’t trust human chat.
That can lead to leakage.
Only tell your cat.


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