Piece of Silver

I’ve retrieved a bit of silver
From a failing filling;
It’s really just a sliver,
Do you think it’s worth a shilling?
I don’t know what that is,
Except it’s British money,
And somehow or other the sound of it
Always struck me as funny.


Bayesians like to change their beliefs.
It’s one of their fondest desires.
New facts make them itch, and the only relief
Is reexamining priors.

Hadron Collider Contacts Parallel Universe

The headline is too clickbaity to click, but I love it:

Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

The people from the parallel
May perhaps be able to tell
How poor Columbus ran aground
Which meant the new world never got found.

And don't tell me that the new world would have been found by someone else. Nope. It turns out that Western Civilization collapsed again in about 1530, all because they failed to get to America.

Nominate Me

It may be true I didn’t go to law school,
Or “pass the bar”, whatever that may mean,
But I have spent some time upon a barstool,
And studied Law & Order on the screen,
And I believe I’d like to be a justice -
I’ll just face down those senators’ long faces,
And say: “Why do you find it hard to trust us?
I’ll know the answers when I've heard the cases!”

Mildly Disappointed

I'd like to be told that I already had
This thing that is spreading, this bug that is bad.
I'd like to believe that it did once infect me,
And somehow or other did not much affect me.
But do I have antibodies to show?
You've already guessed it - my tests all say NO!


They say at King Arthur's Table,
The roundest of the round,
Was a certain Knight who was able
To really pack on the pounds.
I mean the great Sir Cumference,
Who loved to gobble Pi.
His belt more than tripled his radius,
And Pi was the reason why.