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Forget Mozart

No... don't. That's just the name of a 1986 German-language movie I am watching on tape in an effort to brush up my non-existent German. In German that's "Vergesst Mozart" although they use that squiggly capital-B looking letter to take the place of the double-s in Vergesst.

I'm only half way through it, but the movie immediately invites comparison with the other movie about Mozart, "Amadeus". And from what I've read, it was filmed on the sets that were left over from "Amadeus," in Prague.

It's structured a bit like a reminiscing murder mystery. It opens with Mozart already dead, and a man from the secret police interrogates people who knew the great man, trying to get to the bottom of his death.

In Amadeus, Tom Hulce portrayed Mozart as almost an idiot savant, a blithering impulsive and repulsive fool, who happened to be gifted with musical genius. I found if offensive, because I could not believe that Mozart could have been quite like that.

I like the portrayal better so far in Forget Mozart. Mozart is still impulsive, but he is also an artist oppressed by an aristocratic society that censors his early operas by shutting them down after several performances. This Mozart looks like a struggling artist to me, and not just a composing freak-of-nature.

You can see a bit more about the videotape at Barnes and Noble:

Rhyme of the day:

Let's not forget
Just yet.

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