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I came across a funny quote, from the National Review, that rang true:

"In Washington, they are practically praying for a Christian terrorist."

In the old lists of logical fallacies, there was one called "Tu Quoque," aka the "you too" fallacy. In other words, "Your religion has terrorists too! Get off your high horse!" Recent examples are better, of course. The I.R.A. was so last century, and perhaps more nationalist than primarily Roman Catholic.

It's hard to find examples with equivalent ferocity
To the ISIS bastards with their taste for grim atrocity.

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I wonder what they would think of someone who went about in the civil rights era saying that the Africans enslaved people too.

That's a very good point. The moral equivalency game really does cut both ways, and no nation or ethnic group can avoid getting bloodied in that game.

One thing about moral equivalency, is that frequently we are not really talking about truly equivalent things. Just things that are equivalent "in principle" but not quite equivalent in fact.

Principles are deeply important. Life is a sorry business without them. But a sense of proportion, when viewing historic human wrongs, is important. Some outweigh others.

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