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The Chore That Works Your Core
A gym is just fine, as far as it goes,
But the very best workout arrives when it snows.
And no it's not skiing that meets my approval.
I'm speaking instead of the white stuff's removal.
It may in fact kill you by wrecking your heart,
And if you are worried, please don't even start.
But what doesn't kill you, could make you much stronger,
So I go on shoveling a little bit longer,
Helping my neighbors get rid of their snow.
But this year in Boston - hey - where can it go?
It's piled all over with no end in sight,
In street corner mountains of dizzying height.
I know we must play with the cards we are dealt,
But dear weather gods, won't you make this junk melt?

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Your on a roll lately. I too substitute shoveling snow for workouts at the gym during these snowy days.

I'm too exhausted after the snow workout to do a gym workout too. Not too mention, I run out of time in the day.

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