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Net Neutrality
I'm not sure what to say re: net neutrality.
Does it imply the net is getting neutered?
I hear it's coming to my net locality,
And fear that soon I will get over-tutored
In detailed rulings from the FCC
On what is fair and square - and what is not.
The lawyers should be filled with ecstasy
To think of all the suits that will be brought.
I know that DARPA helped start up this party.
I stand in awe at just how well it works.
But will the net remain this hale and hearty,
Or will it be chained down by bossy jerks?
I do not mean to overrate the scariness,
But common sense suggests some watchful wariness.

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I am merely filled with dread that the Feds are now in my internet bed.

Ha. Now there is a scary thought. Feds in one's bed!

I believe in a wall of separation between beds and state.

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