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Just a Bug
Facebook rebuts its accusers:
A bug made us track non-users!

Well, non-users in the sense of people who didn't directly visit Facebook. But apparently they visited some part of the far-flung FB empire, i.e., some web-page run by Facebook.

“It is important to note that tracking of non-users initiates even if one does not visit the Facebook homepage,” the researchers wrote. “In principle, any page belonging to the facebook.com domain will result in the placement of a long-term, identifying cookie (e.g., an event page, a shop page, fan page …).”

Beware of bugs,
they crawl under rugs,
and into your bed,
and chew on your head,
and into your brain,
to drive you insane.

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My imagination is sprouting wings. I think my brain is full of those bug things.

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