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Ridge Run 2015

That's me finishing a 10k/5k combo.
Afterwards I felt like a zombie or maybe a zombo.

It's a race in my neighborhood that they've held every Memorial Day for decades, and I've been running almost every year since 1983.

In the 5k, I just barely beat a 9 year old acquaintance this year. Next year, I expect him to beat me.

The 5k is full of kids - elementary school children. They are fun to run with, but they are little jackrabbits, with the ability to start, stop, and turn on a dime. At the water stops they will suddenly cut in front of you, stop, splash themselves, and bolt off, blissfully unaware of the danger of tripping their elders - namely, people like me.

I envy them their energy
And laugh to see their joysome glee.


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