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Fighting Over Frozen Embryos
There's an interesting local legal case involving frozen embryos which were conceived by a girlfriend and boyfriend who have since broken up. In the mean time, she has gone through some heavy duty cancer treatments and it sounds like she can't conceive anymore.

So she wants to give birth to some of these babies, and her ex doesn't want her to. Complicating things are an oral agreement where he said she could have these embryos, and a later written agreement where he said she could only bring them to fruition with his permission.

Appellate judges decided recently that the woman had a right to the embryos.

I began wondering what it's like to know that you started out in life like that - to know that you were sitting in a deep-freeze with people arguing about whether you should get a shot at human existence.

Also... would cold weather bother you less?
I don't suppose the answer is yes.

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Consider the alternative to knowing.

Just like now!

It's funny sometimes to contemplate all the historical accidents involved in the meeting & mating of one's ancestors.

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