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Chicago Gangs on Facebook
Felonious bands
enhancing their brands:

"They aren't using the Internet as much to recruit members or to organize illegal activities as to mostly post or watch often violent videos intended to tout their gang or an individual member, the study found."

Facebook is the most popular site according to this Chicago Tribune article.

Now, on the face of it (ahem), it's not a good idea to post videos of your own felonious activities online, where they can be scooped up by the police and used to convict you. But, then again, these are not people given to caution.

In the future, all life will take place on the net.
For police, that may be the best news yet!

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Yes. Or, as the Italians would say, braggadocio.

Cybercops will rule and send the crooks to penetentiary school.

Cyber life seems to be bad for street thugs.

Actual cyber criminals seem harder to catch but often they are in other countries with sketchy law enforcement.

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