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Property Tax Speed Bump
Not good news, but I've been expecting it - Chicago property taxes are probably going to shoot up.

'While opinions vary on the precise impact the proposed $450 million to $550 million tax hike will have on housing markets in the city and suburbs, most experts expect homeowners to grumble, then stomach the increase.'

Well, of course not everyone's going to move out. The problem, as usual, is what happens on the margin. You get less development here, and so on. A point which the story finally gets around to in the last paragraph:

'It might make a difference on the margins, to people already considering moving out of Chicago, or on the fence about moving in, Hewings said. "But for the vast majority of people, it's going to be an irritation," he said. "I really don't think it's going to have a dramatic impact."'

I'd like the city to thrive and endure.
I hope he's right, but I'm far from sure.

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With a rise in taxes, the anticipation
Creates much of the irritation.
However it is their reality
That reduces the city's livability.

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