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Computer Printer First Aid
I went to WalMart and bought a cheap Kodak multi-function printer for my dad. And I had some trouble putting the ink-cartridges in... and broke a piece of blue plastic, pushing where it actually had a label that said "push hard".

I guess the label should have said "push hard but not THAT hard!"

I'm not the first person this has happened to. I found others on the web, after I went looking:

"Not sure if it worked, took it back. The ink cartridges latch broke and I couldn't use it."

"When attempting to snap the ink cartridge holder down into a cheap plastic locking piece, it snapped off. I cried and stared in disbelief, cause I followed the instructions (IN BOLD TYPE, also) to PUSH HARD!"

But I did analyze the failure, and decided that a piece of sticky tape could solve the problem. In place of the now-broken latch, I used the tape to close the holder tight. Nothing much to it, once you grasp the problem. I actually used a piece of surgical tape, because it was the first kind I found. Since it was "first aid" for the printer, surgical tape seemed appropriate. And it worked.

After crying in disbelief,
I sighed in relief.

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Not duct tape? That's what holds the universe together.

In all seriousness, I've been wondering whether I should go back there and check that the tape is still holding fast, and if it isn't, maybe substituting duct tape.

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