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Another 50k
I read an article in the Wall St. Journal a couple of months ago about the latest thinking about marathons - which is that there's no real harm in doing them pretty frequently.

So, I've been trying it, sort of. I ran a marathon in October, and a ran a 50k (31 miles) in November and another today.

I got passed by a nice 74 year old woman who was considerably faster than me. I had a nice conversation with her before telling her to take off without me.

We've had warm weather here. A lot. It got up to the mid-40s today, for example. I'm not sure I want to be doing these long runs outside in actual freezing weather.

When it freezes and there's ice
the footing's not too nice.

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yeah, that does put a damper on things.

Oh yes. Snow is nature's way of telling you: shovel, warm up, repeat.

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