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Slippery Conditions
Usually I don't run outside much in the winter, but I signed up for a hilly trail race next weekend, so I'm concerned about slippery conditions.

Yesterday I ran some trails near my house wearing YakTraks on my running shoes. They look like this:

Mine are a gift from my dear daughter-in-law, who hails from Maine, and who is really an expert about being outdoors in the winter!

I thought they worked really well for what I was doing. They just stretch over your shoe. But one did start to come loose once, so that I needed to stop and adjust it. So, in the spirit of adventure, I'm also exploring another option - machine screws in running shoes, which end up looking like this:

Basically, you take some short machine screws - in my case, 3/8 inch screws - and you screw them right into the soles of your running shoes. People say the hexagon-shaped metal heads do a good job of biting into ice. The pointy end goes into the shoe, so you don't want screws that are longer than your sole is thick.

I'm sure I will be feeling blue
if a screw pokes through my shoe.

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You made me realize why people with thick souls don't worry about losing their screws.

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