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New York Values
I hear Ted Cruz attacked Donald Trump for representing New York values, and Trump responded by praising the values of many New Yorkers.

I suppose they're talking over each other, talking about different things, and it's not like either of them is known for conceptual clarity about "what is really American".

I know that New York can seem a bit foreign to the average American, but I've lived there, and really, underneath whatever weirdness you may encounter, it's a very American place, with some very American virtues, including a lot of "ambition to make something of yourself".

If you visit, you may meet some jerks,
but when it comes to doing the work,
the citizens of New York
know how to turn up the torque.

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If New York still has some who share the values of a famous author who admired their great city then they're okay in my book.

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