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Kitties in Space Team

L to R, Roy Rainey as Mittens and Nick Hassebrock as Socks. That's catnip in the plastic bag that Mittens is holding. The best catnip in the galaxy, they say, grown under a dome on Mars.

L to R, we once again see our kitties, Roy Rainey as Mittens and Nick Hassebrock as Socks, and then we see our invasive mice, Ross Childs as Twitchy and Vincent Greco as Pinkie.

I have to say, the play is over the top, and the actors really went with it, taking it WAY over the top.

I'm sure a major thank you is due to the young woman who directed it, Sarah Patin. I didn't attend any rehearsals, so I didn't get to see her working, but she obviously did something right, because the show is getting a lot of laughs at the festival.

Also, I should thank Gannon Reedy, who organized and curated the "Doing Drugs And Dying In Space" festival for Runaways Lab. He invited me to submit a play, and then accepted the one I wrote for him, and somehow found a new space for this show and made it all happen.

They took a script that was deeply absurd
and tuned it till the engine purred.


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