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Olive and the Mouse Spider King at Dream Theatre
Suppose you like horrid dreams because you like waking up from them. And then suppose that on the night of your 16th birthday, your favorite dream comes true.

And you can't wake up this night.
You have to stand and fight.

In this play, Olive is the 16 year old girl who must fight the Mouse Spider King. She is aided in her quest by the Blue Haired Girl and by General C.C. Possum, who is, in fact, a talking possum given to noble sentiments and daring exploits.

The play is set in a novel imaginary world, overflowing with detail. I plan to see it a second time, partly just to let the world gel a bit more in my mind, and partly to experience the quest again.

The staging of the play is accomplished with a combination of live actors, imaginative puppetry, and electronic visual and audio effects, all accomplished with surprising simplicity, all inviting you to use that imagination of yours.

The Mouse Spider King
is a rather ghastly thing
but Olive Bean Hester
is a most determined quester.


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