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Limericks for a Turkey
There once was a sensitive dude
Who got mad when a poet was rude.
The poet's on trial
At least for a while
But still has a bad attitude.

Over at Spectator.uk:

Introducing ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’ – £1000 prize to be won

Somehow a man seems to be on trial in Germany for reciting a rude poem about the president of Turkey. In defiance, I take it, some Brits are holding the above competition, which includes the following sorts of guidance, in case you would like the cash:

"I should like to reiterate that limericks will be excluded from consideration from the top prize if they are (a) not obscene or (b) non-defamatory."

So... not to be posted here.

I try to keep postings here clean
whatever that quaint term may mean.
But this prez of Turkey
is clearly so jerky
his actions themselves are obscene.


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