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A Price That's Low For A Buffalo
A family in Texas wants to sell its pet American Buffalo for 6 thousand dollars, on the condition that the animal should continue to be able to socialize with people.

Probably it thinks it's a person now. A big, shaggy, half-ton person.

It is described as "housebroken", but...

"Schoeve says Bullet is used to being around people but warns that the big animal should never be left alone inside a house or with children."

This bison
is a nice one,
and the price on it seems fair.

But allow it to roam
all alone in your home...
and your walls may soon not be there.

Film here.

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Nobody's going to buy a buffalo for 6000$. They need to raise the price to at least 20,000.

I actually remember hearing a story about a guy who went into business somewhere in the Southwest selling buffalo burgers. He started selling them charging 5 dollars apiece, and he almost went broke. Then he raised the price to 20$ and suddenly it was an exotic, desirable product and everybody wanted one. The classic definition of the Veblen good, I guess.

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