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Economic Experiments
Typically when it was tried
lots of people died.

Yes, that's Communism with a capital C. And speaking of things with a capital C, Fidel Castro, longtime dictator of Cuba, has died.

They were celebrating in the streets last night in Miami.

They know how to hold a grudge.
Their attitude did not budge.

Those were exiles, and the children of exiles, and I suppose the grandchildren of exiles at this point.

Meanwhile, people are fleeing Venezuela, noted ally of Cuba, where they have once again been conducting the great experiment of Socialism. And when we say experiment, we do mean experiments on human beings.

Be you businessman or peasant,
starvation is not pleasant.

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Perished on Black Friday. how fitting.

Practically heartwarming in its irony. And speaking of the warming of hearts, his merits a roasting in Dante's inferno.

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