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Hunger in America
I remain puzzled about hunger in America. It's evidently a sort of shorthand phrase for insufficient food. I mean, I get hungry every day, which is why I eat, but that's not what they're talking about. So, who has insufficient food? We're not talking about eating-disorder people, or people on hunger strikes, so we must be talking about people who are low on money to buy food. These are the people for whom there are private and governmental food programs. But we also hear a lot about obesity among the poor, so these programs must be working pretty well overall, except that maybe they need to deliver more Lean Cuisine to the heavier recipients. And speaking of the heavy, that's a group of people who are hungry a lot, from what I've seen.

It's a verity
Then and now
Needs to chow.

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I once read about "food-insecurity" where, if you dug enough, you found it meant spending less than average.

I was "food insecure" for a month once that way while earning well above average. I had exploited a promotion to stock up on non-perishables the month before and basically bought some milk and some fresh fruit.

Wow. I was just starting to dig around today and I encountered this food-insecurity measurement and wondered how such a thing was measured.

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