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Jet Set Ascetics

I'm reading To Have Or To Be by Erich Fromm, and the title alludes to his theory that people would be better off if they weren't so focused on what they HAVE and would just enjoy BEING instead.

Fromm was a best-selling author, who also made money as a psychoanalyst and a college professor. I don't think he was actually hurting for dough. I think he managed to HAVE plenty of stuff. So when he starts talking about the Buddhist attitude of "letting go," I just started thinking about Richard Gere and all the other Hollywood Buddhists who pay money to gurus who tell them to "let it go."

Some of them fly to remote foreign locations to meet the very best spiritual advisors, so they can be told that material possessions should not be their focus.

Somehow they mostly seem to hold onto their possessions. Which is fine with me. I like possessions just fine. I'm not sure how we are expected to BE if we don't HAVE some things to help keep us alive and well. But I am appalled by the spectacle of the well-off claiming to disdain possessions.

Rhyme of the day:

To have or to be,
is a false dichotomy.

  • At the Dunes

    Asleep upon the beach, I hear a sound. I startle, raise my head, and look around. A helicopter, like a dragonfly, Buzzes over the water just so high.

  • Targets

    Besos and Musk had data revealed From the vaults of the IRS. Why does mine remain concealed? I’m just lucky, I guess!

  • Late Night Doings

    I eat my breakfast cereal Every night before bed. So when I seem to skip breakfast, I just ate it early instead.

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