john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Munster 5k

That's Munster, Indiana, not Munster as in Fred and Lily in the old TV show The Munsters.

Saturday morning I did a 5k in Munster, Indiana. It's a small race, although it was substantially bigger this year than last. I ran hard and got a pretty good time for me. I was hoping to get a medal in my age group (male 50-54) so I stuck around after the race to wait for the awards. I had to wait quite a while because they were having computer trouble. Ah, computer trouble... I can't get away from it!

It was a beautiful day and waiting was pleasant enough. But when they read the awards, I was not on the list. I was disappointed, and more than a bit suspicious. There hadn't been all that many older-looking guys ahead of me.

Sure enough, when they posted the final results on the net, I had taken third. They are going to mail me a medal. It's childish, but I like winning medals, and I run harder when I think there is a chance of getting one.

Of course, there is something pleasantly childish about races in the first place.

And in second and third place, too. Even in last place. I've never quite been last, but I have been WAAAAY in the back on some long distance triathlons.

Rhyme of the day:

If I think I can place
I REALLY race.

race results at:

pic of Fred and Lily at:

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