john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

In A Past Life

In a past life, I had some other job.
Not a computer programmer, that's for sure.
I doubt I was the leader of a mob.
I'd hate to think I was a stuck-up snob!
But fortunately my past lives are obscure,
Wonderfully lost somewhere in the mists of history,
Without hypnosis, doomed to remain a mystery,
And that's a good thing - it means I cannot regret -
I cannot recall, and analyze, and fret
Over what I did wrong through all those lives.
Perhaps I was a sharpener of knives,
That would have appealed to my conscientious side,
Putting a glistening edge on tools gone dull,
Singing while working, keeping my own heart full,
Making up words for tunes the world supplied.

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