john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Edifice Complex Wrecked

Today I went by the address where my first three full length plays were produced. I was feeling sentimental, wanting to see what they’d done with the old moldy building. What they’d done is tear it down and put up a new building!

I can no longer say:
“If only these stones could speak!”
I guess I’ll just pray
The basement no longer leaks.

  • At the Dunes

    Asleep upon the beach, I hear a sound. I startle, raise my head, and look around. A helicopter, like a dragonfly, Buzzes over the water just so high.

  • Targets

    Besos and Musk had data revealed From the vaults of the IRS. Why does mine remain concealed? I’m just lucky, I guess!

  • Late Night Doings

    I eat my breakfast cereal Every night before bed. So when I seem to skip breakfast, I just ate it early instead.

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