john_j_enright (john_j_enright) wrote,

Incipient War

Menelaus and Helen

He felt it was beneath him to compete,
Undignified to plead a lover’s case.
His worth, he thought, was plain upon its face -
No need for honeyed words to make it sweet.
But now he steeled himself for dread defeat,
Not ready, quite, to grant it with good grace,
Unable to accept they could erase
The joining that had made his house complete.

To woo, to win again, could it be done?
She knew him, but she knew him all too well,
And now her mind was wrapped up in the spell
Of newly dawning love, a dazzling sun.
So… how on earth could that heart be re-won?
He hitched a breath and stepped forth into hell,
Hoping that he would somehow live to tell
A tale of love triumphant, re-begun.

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