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I am a member of The Chicago Dramatists which is a wonderful organization. They are half theater, half school, and half networking organization. Yes, I know, too many halves.

I took a number of classes about playwriting there, seminar-style classes given by Chicago playwrights and directors, and out of all those classes I started writing a play.

I'd never written a full-length play before, so it was quite a challenge, of the kind I enjoy.

One of the services that Chicago Dramatists offers to member is a critiquing service, where you send in your script and one of their "resident playwrights" writes up a critique for you. I have done this twice for the same play.

Of course, I made some changes in between.

The first critique, from about a year ago, felt brutal to me. However, I read it carefully and thought about it, and made some major changes.

I just got the new critique, which is obviously written by a different person. This critic still sees room for changes. I will have to think over his/her suggestions and see what I want to use. But this critic was pretty positive overall, telling me I had the makings of a good play. Well, all right! I like hearing that.

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Rhyme of the day:

Criticism can be rough
But sometimes it is useful stuff.

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