January 29th, 2004

A journey of a thousand miles...

begins with a single step. So here goes a single step into keeping a blog. I don't suppose I will tell anybody about it at first. After all, what if I get tired of keeping it up? Won't that be embarrassing if I actually have a disappointed readership? Far better to write in secret.

Actually, I am working at not writing in secret, by taking steps to get my novel, Unholy Quest, published. I will do some kind of self publishing thing, since efforts at obtaining an agent were futile. A lot of people who read it in manuscript were enthusiastic, so that is a promising sign.

There were also people who did not care for it at all. Perhaps that is a good sign, in a way. It means I communicated something. Something they didn't like much, but something nonetheless.

And so, combining American optimism and Chinese wisdom, I write this silly poem for the day:

Put some pep
In your single step
And the thousand miles
Will be full of smiles.