January 30th, 2004

Antigone vs Ismene

I recently saw Jeremy Menekseoglu's new play, "Ismene." (Put on at the Journeymen's Theatre in Chicago by The Dream Theatre Company, of which Jeremy M. is one of the founders.) Ismene is the sister of Antigone, who has 2 famous plays named after her, and in those plays Ismene is the minor character who keeps telling Antigone that she is out of touch with reality. Well, in this play, Ismene gets to defend herself. She argues and acts in favor of not accepting fates that others assign to you. Jeremy M. is influenced in some ways by Ayn Rand, and that influence is clear in the play. The three plays I have seen of his are all strongly tinged with a sense of hidden horror that explodes to cause the crisis of the play. He has a great sense of drama, surprising but logical plot twists, and he is highly prolific. Two of the three plays ended on an upbeat note, but the emotional ride was rough and wild.

Silly poem of the day

A nightmare with a happy ending seems
To be a rollercoaster kind of dream.