February 15th, 2004

Duets For My Valentine

That's the name of a dance concert I took my valentine to last night. We went last year too. The concert is a mix of dance pieces, all duets, all with some kind of love theme to them, and there is no overlap of pieces between the years. There were a couple of pieces I really didn't care for, which is typical of concerts, where they try to sandwich something "educational" in the middle of the crowd pleasers. But overall, the dancing was exquisite. There were two tap pieces, a salsa-type piece, and a ballet duet to a piece by Mendelssohn. The other pieces were interesting varieties of modern dance.

The 2 pieces I didn't care for were titled "Imperfect Partners" and "Basis Bathos." Those titles themselves should have served as warnings, I suppose. Both were well done, in their way; I just didn't like their way. Also, both seemed to suggest the failure of love; they both seemed to be about couples who couldn't quite get along without getting each other too hurt or upset.

Marc Smith opened and closed the concert by performing 2 poems, "Honey and Salt" by Carl Sandburg and "Rainbow" by D.H. Lawrence. He did a great job with both, using the style of "slam poetry," which figures, since Marc is the host of the famous slam poetry sessions at the Green Mill, which I believe is the original home of slam poetry. The slam style is very expressive, very down to earth, with an approach that is close to stand-up comedy in some ways, although it can be perfectly serious. Maybe it all goes back to Lenny Bruce.

Rhyme of the day:

Bodies in flight,
Light up the night.