February 20th, 2004

The Objectivist Center

I've been involved with this organization since its inception... or maybe a little before. Not involved in terms of running anything, but I've given them some money over the years, and I've done a bunch of poetry related talks under their sponsorship. This summer I'm doing another one at their summer seminar in Vancouver. (Their website is: www.objectivistcenter.org )

So it saddens me that a friend of mine, Diana Hsieh, is pulling out of the organization. (Her web page, which has a link to a public statement, is at: www.dianahsieh.com )

Her complaints are several, but presented in summary form only, with promises of a detailed explanation and argument to come. I am interested in seeing this, because she has a brilliant mind, and perhaps she can convince me of something. But for now I have to disagree with her. I'm still of the belief that the organization is basically a wonderful thing, even if they do some things I disagree with.

One of her central issues is one I know very little about, which is the support (or lack of it?) provided to philosophy grad students. It's strange, in one way, because the organization has always had such support as one of its announced goals.

As she pursues her PhD at U of Colorado Boulder, I hope she will manage to find the kind of support she wants.

Rhyme of the day:

What a bummer.
I'll miss Diana this summer.