March 15th, 2004

Well Versed

Usually "well versed" just means knowledgeable, but today I experienced a different way of being "well versed," and by this I refer to a pharmaceutical called Versed. They don't pronounce it the same way, they put the accent on the second syllable.

I made a hospital visit for a routine medical screening procedure, one they start nagging you about when you hit fifty. During the procedure they dope you up with a brew of sedative/anesthesia type stuff, and the result is that I hardly remember anything about the procedure itself. I remember just one time, when something hurt, and I tried raising my leg for some reason, and they pushed it down again, which seemed fine to me at the time.

Rhyme of the day:

I lay on the bed
pumped full of Versed,
and now can't recall
much about it at all.


Is the name of a little (10 minute) verse play of mine for 3 characters. It received its first public reading Saturday night, at one of our NIF meetings. I am very grateful to my two volunteers, Kate Herrick McHugh and John Power, who did a great job of reading their parts, particularly considering that they had never seen their parts before! I know their able reading added to the audience's enjoyment.