April 7th, 2004



is an old play by Vera Caspary and George Sklar. First it was a novel by Vera Caspary. Later it was a 1944 film noir mystery with Gene Tierney in the title role. I saw the movie years ago and liked it, and recently I read the play.

They play has a gimmick. When it starts, it appears to be a mystery play about the murder of Laura Hunt. The detective is falling in love with her memory and her portrait that hangs in her living room. Then, Laura walks in, quite alive, and the plot thickens.

Laura herself is a noir heroine, who smokes and drinks, who lies to the detective, who has led an active love life, and who makes big bucks in the advertising business. She is a Romantic portrait, and if she has trouble coming into focus, well, that's a weakness of the mystery form, that keeps you guessing about characters and their true motivations until the end.

Rhyme of the day:

won't bore ya.