April 14th, 2004

Hannibal Lecter

I was watching part of the Silence of the Lambs the other day, admiring the acting of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. Foster does a bang-up job, but Hopkins steals the show.

I was impressed, when we first meet him in his jail cell, how absolutely STILL he is. He stands there motionless, perfectly polite in mien, with only his face moving as it smiles in a superficially sociable way.

Of course, we have been warned what a horrible and deceptive and dangerous killer he is, so his actual appearance is a bit surprise.

Hopkins, even when standing still and smiling, somehow communicates his bristling deadliness. It was very obvious in its effect, but hard to see what he was physically doing to create the effect.

Some of it is just his intensity, which is something Hopkins brings with him.

Rhyme of the day:

Jodie was lucky that Lecter
Didn't dissect her.