April 22nd, 2004

Earth Day

is today, but I am wondering whether we will ever colonize Mars and if we do will we have a Mars Day there?

For someone who grew up reading science fiction a lot, there is something just so MUNDANE about Earth Day.

Yes, it's a great planet, one that is well-suited to supporting us. Hmmm... maybe it's not so much suited to us, as we are suited to it. That's the evolutionary explanation. Earth first, then people. Chronologically, anyway.

But now that we're here, I'm a people-first kind of person. If this be species-ism, make the most of it. Wait. Species-ism just indicates you favor some species over others. It doesn't indicate which species you favor. So, to be more specific, I am a... Humanist.

There. That sounds much more respectable.

Rhyme of the day:

I'm so fond of ism's
that I'm starting my own schism.
I'll name it after me
and for all eternity
an ism on my name
will guarantee my fame.