April 23rd, 2004

Amputations in the comics

I read my comics in the Chicago Tribune. In the last couple of days, two different comic strips have featured characters who got injured in Iraq and had something amputated.

In "Get Fuzzy," the lead character's Cousin Willie has lost the lower part of his left leg. In "Doonesbury," B.D. has also lost his left leg in Iraq.

In the Trib, at least, Get Fuzzy got to it first. But Doonesbury is getting all the publicity, especially because the strip used a "bad word" and got a lot of "we're not running your strip today" from family newspapers.

It's a striking coincidence.

Regardless of where you stand on the war in Iraq, it's simply true that wars do involve the loss of life and limb. I suspect that these 2 cartoonists are opposed to the war, but I liked that they both treated the injured soldiers with respect and honor.