April 30th, 2004

Sick dog

I don't know what was wrong with him exactly, but one of my dogs was not feeling well last night. He was extremely low on energy, and didn't finish his dinner, which is truly unheard of for this dog, who normally wolfs his chow with desperate enthusiasm. But today he seems back to his normal self.

Whew. I was worried. I think we'll see the vet tomorrow.

It must be hard to be a vet. Human doctors rely a fair amount on what you tell them about your bodily states. They ride on the back of your introspection as expressed through language. But vets just have to figure it out with no helpful words from the patient about where it hurts.

Also, human docs stick to one species, namely us. Vets treat anything that moves on its own power, except for us. That's some real breadth of knowledge.

I bet that in a pinch a vet would be a pretty good doctor for humans, too.

Rhyme of the day.

But as for me,
I'll stick with an M.D.