May 3rd, 2004


Diana Hsieh's blog's comments section

In the old days, I checked in on Diana's blog on a regular basis. She's a friend, and she often has very interesting things to say. But what is really fascinating on her blog lately, is all the things that *other* people are saying in the comments section:

There is a raging discussion covering the open versus closed interpretation of Objectivism, the morality and psychology of the Rand/Branden affair, the atmosphere of the NBI days and a lot more. One very interesting aspect of the discussion, is that it involves both TOC and ARI affiliated people, but that the arguments are not being fought along partisan lines for the most part.

Also notable is the amount of "juice" that still gets generated when people talk about Rand's personal life and personality. A lot of people prefer to focus on "just the ideas," but she remains fascinating on the personal level as well.

Rhyme of the day:

The argument is still heated.
Interest has not depleted.