May 13th, 2004

Music Man and Scarlet Letter

I attended a fun performance of "The Music Man" the other night at a big production by suburban Chicago theatre community theater company called, quite simply, The Drama Group.

You can read about them here:

I'm currently reading The Scarlet Letter for my book club, so imagine my surprise when I heard these lyrics:

I smile, I grin
when the gal with a touch of sin
walks in.
I hope and I pray
for Hester to win
just one more "A".
The sadder but wiser girl's
the girl for me.

What a funny way of reversing the viewpoint of the novel itself! I love the novel, but it is certainly dark, dark, dark. Much of that has to do with the puritanical (literally) society in which the story is set. The music (con) man has a very different outlook... a fun-loving "naughty" outlook. He doesn't question the reality of sin... in fact, it may be that for him sinfulness offers spice and excitement.

From my perspective, it's a false alternative. But it's a very common view.

Rhyme of the day is the above quoted song lyrics.