May 19th, 2004

My novel

I got a box in the mail today from The box contained the "proof" copy of my novel, Unholy Quest. So far, it looks pretty good. I'm simply stunned to be holding it in my hands. is a print-on-demand publisher, but they are different than most of the others. If you have something that's ready to print, they don't charge a set-up fee. In my case, I set up the book, and then ordered a copy for 15 dollars. That's all the money they have from me so far, and some of that I will get back as a royalty. And my book is available from their website for purchase. Isn't this a great country and a great time to be alive?

The website for my book is:

But don't anyone buy it yet! I am still checking my copy to make sure all the pages came out looking okay.

I did spend some money on the set-up of the book, but it wasn't money that has gone to Lulu so far. I paid Chris Whitten to design the front cover. I paid Peter Bosy to take a back-cover photo of me. I asked my dear friend Anne Marie McCormack, to copy-edit the book. (Anne Marie is married to David Potts.) She did, and did a great job. She wouldn't take money, but she did accept a dinner at a restaurant. By the way, if there are any editing errors in the book, please be assured that I inserted those after Anne Marie was done with it!

I composed the back cover using Paint Shop Pro. I laid out the text in 6x9 page format in Word and converted it into a PDF file. Then I uploaded the text and the front and back cover. That's a bunch of work, and I had to figure some things out, but it wasn't that hard. The page layout and typography are not quite up to Random House standards, but they look pretty good to me.

Childlike rhyme of the day:

Look, look!
My book.