May 25th, 2004

Bicycling in the wind

That's what I did Sunday afternoon. I took a nice 4 hour bike ride from Matteson to Joliet to Manhattan and then back to Matteson. Those are all Illinois towns, including the one that sounds like a certain New York island. Most of my riding was on bike trails, including the Old Plank Road Trail and the Wauponsee Glacial trail, which just opened.

You can read about the trail opening here:

If you are wondering whether Manhattan, IL is much like Manhattan, NY, you can get up to date on Manhattan doings here:

The wind was strong, coming out of the south south west or so. Especially at the beginning of the ride, the bike would wobble sometimes as a strong gust caught me. The only good part, was that I was starting the ride by heading against the wind. I knew that meant that when I was tired and heading home the wind would be at my back. Unless the wind changed, that is.

The wind held true, so at the end I was pedaling 17mph with no problem, even though 4 hours earlier I was pushing to keep the bike at 13mph. (In case you are wondering, I was on a skinny tire road bike.)

The funny thing about the wind being at your back is that you can be unaware of it on a bicycle. Many is the cyclist who just thought he was having a good day, until he turned around to go home and suddenly realized he was about to have a bad day.

Rhyme of the day:

With the wind in your face
You have to race
Just to go