May 28th, 2004

Tony Soprano and therapeutic growth

I was watching The Sopranos earlier this week. Two different mobsters are talking about "processing" things. No, they don't mean computer processing. It's some kind of psychology term, a bit like "mentally digest" or "mull over" or something like that.

I have heard the term in real life too. But not too often. Psychology terms do have a way of creeping into normal discourse sooner or later.

Anyway, these 2 wise guys, after talking in the language of insight and acceptance, go on to arrange a murder.

In a way it's the contemporary version of that famous scene in The Godfather, where Al Pacino is a godfather at a baptism, saying holy ceremonial words, while the film cuts back and forth to hellish mayhem that Pacino has unleashed.

Rhyme of the day:

Wise guys
lie or die.