June 6th, 2004

International Capitalism Day

I did the local Chicago Walk for Capitalism, coordinated by my daughter, Felicia. We had a pretty good turn-out of 13 people. It looked as if it might rain, and at one point I felt some drops, but mostly it was lovely sunny weather. We had fun walking a couple of miles with our homemade pro-capitalism signs. We got a lot of friendly horn honking. A couple of us handed out flyers as well. Then all (but one) of us sat down to lunch at Bennigans, a prominent international capitalist establishment.

Since our walk was through downtown Chicago, we did encounter a fair number of beggars. The only one I gave money to was the one playing the drums. At least he was offering me something I valued!

We also watched a parade of yachts that were leaving their winter homes and heading to their summer moorings. Which is to say, they were motoring down the Chicago River toward Lake Michigan. We had to wait for the bridge to go up and come back down.

If you are curious, you can check out the international presence of Bennigans: http://www.bennigans.com/int-loc.htm

You can read about International Capitalism Day at:

Rhyme of the day:

The air was warm, the sky was sunny.
We marched for the system that runs on money.