June 18th, 2004

Spouse Lust

Over at DianaHsieh.com, in the comments section of her blog, we are having an interesting discussion about Christian attitudes toward sex, which is actually a big complicated topic.

Anyway, we were talking about whether lust between spouses could be a problem in normal Christianity, and I found a text to back up this theory. It is not, I emphasize, from the Bible itself. It's from Saint Augustine, one of the major theologians of Western Christendom. He writes:

"It is, however, one thing for married persons to have intercourse only for the wish to beget children, which is not sinful: it is another thing for them to desire carnal pleasure in cohabitation, but with the spouse only, which involves venial sin."

Rhyme of the day:

Augustine clearly is vexed
That we're so highly sexed.

The quoted text is on this page under the heading: Chap. 17.