June 22nd, 2004

Death on the bike trails

I didn't post yesterday because I was too tired to think straight when I sat down. That was partly because I went bike riding with my baby sister, Ruth, who is a strong cyclist. I kept up with her, but I was TIRED later.

So here's the spooky thing. A 47 year old man, Gerald Lawrence, DIED on the same trails we were on, right around the time we were on them. We didn't see him or anything, but it was in the news today. He was a rollerblader. The police said he was just trying to stop, and fell and fractured his skull and broke his neck, which has to be a freak accident for a roller blader. Scary. The other sad part is that he was rollerblading with his 19 year old daughter.

The story in the Chicago Tribune somehow made it sound like they didn't really know why he had crashed.

My sister and I are wondering whether it was the deer we saw. When we were riding in the same area, very near the time he crashed, the following happened: my sister was in the lead, when suddenly this huge deer steps onto the bike trail ahead of her. It wasn't quite in her path, because it was in the oncoming lane of the bike trail. But it had that can't-make-up-my-mind look that deer get. Then it bolted back into the woods, out of my sister's way. If it had bolted the other way, my sister would have hit it for sure and gone flying off her bike, which couldn't have been good for her. I probably would have skidded into them both.

We thought that was frightening. Then we read about this poor guy who actually died.

You know, they tell you exercise is good for you. Well, it is. On average. But for some people, it can turn out real bad.

I'm skipping the rhyme of the day. It's usually humorous, and just for the moment I can't think of anything funny.