June 27th, 2004

Big Party

It was the biggest party my wife has ever thrown. It was big enough that we did the following unheard of things: 1) We rented a tent. 2) We rented a keg of beer. 3) We had a huge amount of catered food.

These 3 things were just to supplement our normal large-party routine.

Actually, as I write, the party continues to go on, in a much subdued fashion.

It was a double-graduation party. One from college, one from high school. No wonder it was big. My children's friends, our own friends, my relatives, my wife's relatives... whew.

Rhyme of the day:

I had plenty to eat
But I'm beat.

Oh, and I took the tent down and folded it up. Now... if we can just find all the silverware. We're worried some might have been thrown in the garbage. If we don't get true counts on all the silver, we will be opening all the garbage bags for a little look-see. Hopefully won't be involved in that!