July 2nd, 2004

Love Poems

I am just about love-poemed out.

Not writing them. Reading them. I'm giving a talk in a few days about love poems, or, say rather, a reading of love poems, with some incidental comment and analysis. After all, the first thing a good poem should do is stand on its own merits. The words must be allowed to work.

Of course, when you trot out the Way Back machine, and step into Elizabethan England, the bard on the street uses some outdated grammar and vocabulary at times.

Actually, we will begin by taking the Way Back machine to the 7th century BC. But we will look at an English translation, not Sappho's Greek.

Rhyme of the day:

If you are weak
In Greek,
All Sappho's meaning is hid.

Then your salvation
Is in the translation
That someone else already did.